Spiritual Counseling

Our unique spiritual counseling services are designed to help individuals with personal faith questions, hopelessness, anomie (lack of purpose), anger, fear, resentment, sadness, feeling lost, confusion, actualization and destiny purpose.

Our spiritual counselors specialize in Morontia Counseling, a cutting-edge modality that considers an individual’s astral soul, multi-dimensional nature, and motivations.  They understand that most physical ailments, especially chronic conditions, have a psycho-spiritual component; that our beliefs, emotions, fears, and other patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing can cause and/or prevent the healing of disease in the mind and body.

They listen with a specialized technique that attunes to the individual's soul, spirit, and deeper reasons behind what is causing their ailment, unlocking the blocks and creating pathways that lead to healing.  Through this process and by applying the feedback of their spiritual counselor, individuals discover a deeper understanding of who they are, what is causing their ailments, and are empowered with the tools that increase their sense of purpose and confidence in managing life’s difficulties.

All spiritual counselors attend The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion and much emphasis is put on changing the thinking processes and life circumstances to heal the body.


This relatively recent modality combines new scientific data with long understood traditions about the heart as a powerful circuit in the body that is integral to every aspect of our lives.  The heart can be considered the “second brain” and is uniquely depended upon to regulate certain body systems.


Our certified HeartMath mentor will lovingly guide you through a series of personal sessions to learn techniques that have long term application for stress reduction, relaxation, and regulated responses rather than impulsive reactions and energy depleting patterns.  Learn how to use the emWave technology that monitors our state of being as either “coherent” or “incoherent” and offers tools to manage our state of mind and mood in moment to moment situations, learning to come back to the desired coherent balance.

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