Gabriel Of Urantia

International Spiritual Leader & Pastor of Global Community Communications Alliance Church
Co-Founder of the Soulistic Healing Center

Co-Founder of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion
Co-Founder of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls

Tron Therapy and Spiritual Morontian Counselor

Gabriel of Urantia has been proactive in spiritual, social, and environmental arenas for all of his adult life. He has worked as an ordained minister and counselor at various spiritual communities across the United States including the Nicky Cruz/Teen Challenge organization and Youth with a Mission in Hollywood, California. His many decades of experience as a pastor has also included the founding of a successful ministry to the homeless as well as rehabilitation programs for teens and adults who struggle with mainstream society.

He developed the cutting-edge modality of Morontia Counseling (a form of psychospiritual counseling that deals with the astral soul) to assist those who have a wholehearted desire to heal holistically, rather than just to find a more immediate "cure" for what ails them. Gabriel of Urantia incorporates the foundational concept that in order for the body to truly heal, the soul must heal with a deeply intuitive understanding of the complexities of the individual soul and assists others to be proactive in their own healing process. Gabriel offers written intuitive readings, which deal with a person's soul origin, destiny, latent abilities, past lives (if any) including former relationships with significant others, root causes of disease, and more. 

Additionally Gabriel of Urantia is a published author of many spiritual books, including Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective, which he co-authored with Niánn Emerson Chase. He is also an accomplished songwriter/singer/performer and proud father of five grown children and a grandfather of four.

Niánn Emerson Chase

International Spiritual Leader & Pastor of Global Community Communications Alliance Church

Co-Founder of the Soulistic Healing Center

Co-Founder of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion
Co-Founder of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls

Spiritual Counselor for Women
Pre-Marriage and Marriage Counseling

Niánn Emerson Chase has been a life-long educator whose focus has been on helping others to create the global change needed to assist our planet's shift into higher levels of consciousness and responsibility for each other and the world. She has a remarkable and graceful way of empowering women to get in touch with the Universe Mother Spirit essence within their souls and has decades of experience counseling couples who desire to overcome co-dependent patterns that prevent them from serving humanity in the highest and most God-centered complementary manner.

Niánn grew up on four different Native American reservations in Arizona and taught for 15 years on the San Carlos Apache Reservation after earning her degree from Arizona State University. Since her early childhood, with an explorer's nature inherent in her ancestors Meriwether Lewis and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Niánn has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the character of one who truly loves discovery and the adventure of life. Her life's experiences, growing up with native people, roaming the desert lands of the Southwest, and pursuing her search to know God in a higher way are shared in her extensive writings which have been published in a variety of books and publications.  She co-authored the book Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective with Gabriel of Urantia and co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

Dr. Marayeh Cunningham

Clinical Psychologist

Interfaith Minister


Dr. Cunningham is a Clinical Psychologist who has more than 40 years’ experience in health care management. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and was a professor and psychotherapist at U.C. Berkeley. She was in private practice in San Francisco and La Jolla, California, as well as Sedona, Arizona before moving to the Tucson area.

She has a special love and commitment to helping others heal on deeper levels. In addition to addiction counseling, Dr. Cunningham specializes in Morontia Counseling, a cutting-edge modality that considers an individual’s astral soul, multi-dimensional nature, and motivations.  Dr. Cunningham understands that most addictions and physical ailments, especially chronic conditions, have a psycho-spiritual component; that our beliefs, emotions, fears and other patterns of thinking, feeling and doing can cause and/or prevent the healing of disease in the mind and body.

Dr. Cunningham is also the Executive Director of Soulistic Hospice as well as a published author, educator, and speaker. In her spare time, Marayeh enjoys being with family and friends and pursues her love of art via water color painting.

TiyiEndea DellErba

Director of the Soulistic Healing Center

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Everyone who meets TiyiEndea knows she has a huge heart of service, compassion, and concern for others that gives her a special connection to the healing arts.  With many years experience as a licensed midwife, she is a counselor of women's issues in addition to being a multi-talented record producer, artist, and musician, as well as an interior and exterior home designer.

MaritaSeen Valyan


Interfaith Minister

MaritaSeen ValYan is a licensed massage therapist, trained in British Columbia, Canada, and has been practicing massage for more than twenty-five years.  She is also a CranioSacral therapist and has a passion for the interconnected relationship of the spirit-mind-body and recognizes the value of massage and other healing therapies to facilitate a positive, relaxing, and complementary environment and encouraging attitude for healing, personal balance, and regenerative rest. MaritaSeen appreciates each person as unique and respects individual potential at all stages of life. She attends The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion co-founded by Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase. She brings her training as an interfaith minister to each session keeping at the forefront of her heart and mind loving service to the client’s unique needs and goals.

Beyana Grace


IonCleanse Detoxification Treatments and HeartMath Instructor

Interfaith Minister

Beyana graduated with a BSRN from Arizona State University, Tempe in 1980. She has worked in women’s health and geriatrics, and did graduate studies in Somatic Psychology/Dance Movement Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She brings warmth and comfort to those she cares for.

In addition to facilitating our IonCleanse treatments Beyana is a HeartMath instructor and is dedicated to serving others with the utmost respect and compassion. In her life beyond nursing, Beyana enjoys creative dance movement, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Ardendae Gasser

Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Ardendae enjoys meeting people and ensuring their visit to our healing center is an enriching "soulistic experience." She has a BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and more than 15 years experience working in marketing, promotion, event coordination, and graphic design with Global Change Media.

Ardendae plays mandolin, guitar and banjo and sings background vocals in the Starseed Acoustic Ensemble, a Global Change Music nonprofit record label band.  In addition to music, she enjoys cooking, photography, graphic design, learning persian, and spending time with her family.

Auneea White

CNA, IonCleanse Detoxification Treatments,

Auneea was born and raised in New Zealand.  In her twenties, she became interested in alternative health practices, becoming certified in Reiki levels one and two.  She also practiced meditation, yoga and started a spiritual journey.

Auneea moved to Arizona in 1996, and became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 2009.  Auneea has worked for Soulistic Hospice since 2009 providing in-home care to elderly people.  She particularly enjoys the personal relationships she establishes with patients and their families. Auneea is always willing to go the extra mile to bring comfort and compassion to others. 

In addition to facilitating IonCleanse Foot Cleanse Detoxification Treatments she helps at the front reception desk and with office coordination. Auneea is a gifted artist, and has paintings at Sacred Treasures, in Tubac.  She also enjoys nature and gardening.

Cera Lynn

L.Ac., LMT, Aesthetician

Cera holds a BS in Nutrition and practices Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as well as medical massage and skin therapies. Her 30 years’ experience began with her interest in the anti-aging work of Drs. Kugler and Mendelsohn. She earned her HHP from the International School of Professional Bodywork in San Diego and graduated cum Laude with a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Her focus has been in integrating eastern and western approaches to wellness and preventative care. Her Acupuncture training enables her to specialize in Women’s health issues, like menopause, fertility, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia, as well as other pain-related disorders such as arthritis, sciatica and general muscular-skeletal dysfunctions. Her diversity and interest in Aromatherapy, Lymphatic drainage and anti-aging has led her to also offer skincare services with exceptional skill and results. Her credentials reveal her insistence and ability in offering treatments with a difference.

Ralph Pitt

Watsu Water Therapist

Ralph has had a growing passion for the healing power of water since graduating in Watsu in 1996.  He went on to study Jahara Advanced Techniques, Waterdance and Healing Dance.  Combining Shiatsu, massage, stretching and elements of dance, Ralph expertly guides the clients to new levels of self-awareness and healing, from the physical, to the emotional and spiritual. He is always evolving the work and its possibilities, and in 2000 began calling it Waterjourneys.

This journey is unique for each person and every session has its own character based on what is needed in that moment.  Some people prefer simply physical relief, while others wish to unravel layers of emotional trauma.  Ralph has a gift for meeting a person where they are at and honoring their needs and goals, understanding that one’s well-being is always at the heart of his intentions. He has a way of becoming quiet and non-intrusive so that healing can occur in a safe and comfortable environment.  Watsu induces total relaxation, letting go and trusting; dreaming, remembering and connecting to one’s higher self can all play a part in the “Journey.”  It is truly a Journey to experience.

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