At 62, I am amazingly quite healthy and much more emotionally stable, and I owe this healing of my personality and emotional-mindal growth to the Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy I received at the Soulistic Healing Center.


I know firsthand from my past healing attempts (at institutions like Betty Ford Center, Mayo Clinic, Canyon Ranch, Jiva Grande Spa at Vivanta, and others I sought help from) that Soulistic Healing Center is the only center for treatment that has provided real and lasting results. In fact, if not for Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy, I honestly don't believe I would still be alive, as my past bad choices in addiction and over materialistic living was truly killing me.


I got a BS degree in Business from Indiana University and moved to California, where I started a very successful 35-year executive career in media with major companies like CNN and NBC Universal, and raised two beautiful children with my then wife. But my growing addictions destroyed all that.


I had finances to seek these higher mind and physical rehabilitation centers noted above but continued to find myself over time right back in the same cycles of imbalanced thinking and emotional instability. By age 58 I was financially and spiritually bankrupt and weeks away from homelessness. My vicious addiction to alcohol and false identity based on material attachments had literally torn my life apart. I ended up in a rescue mission in another state, and at that bottom point I discovered Soulistic Healing Center's Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy services.


These unique treatment modalities supported all areas in which I needed to grow and heal. For me, addiction and homelessness started with wrong thinking and a bad attitude and choices that created a distorted state of mind. The counselors here clearly know what’s needed to truly heal. I am safe and trust them, getting better each day.


I am grateful I’m sober, productive, and have a home. To me the Soulistic Healing Center is a miracle, which saved my life because it gave me the tools to heal my mind, body, and spirit (soul) in a balanced environment and process of treatments. Not only am I healed physically from a variety of ailments including stomach, kidney, blood and liver disorders, I also have been taught to rearrange my thought patterns, and therefore my brain system wiring, to avoid past thought patterns that were destroying my life.


I believe Soulistic Healing Center is the only resource on this planet presently that can offer this level of reconstructive healing to your personality and energetic system wellbeing.

~ Mark H.

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Biology, I became a stockbroker. I had a lovely home, in a very comfortable high-rise apartment in one of the nicest neighborhoods of San Francisco—complete with a panoramic view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. And yet, despite these creature comforts, enviable location, and great views, in truth, I didn’t feel “at home” and felt and acted very much like a sociopath. Although I was able to navigate society’s dynamics sufficiently well to pay the bills and more, my life was in fact empty and lonely.

Looking back, it is all so clear now: I had made the great Faustian bargain (as in the medieval legend of Faust); I had in effect made a contract with the devil, exchanging my soul for worldly gains. Fortunately, a soul given to the devil, so to speak, can be taken back! Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy allowed me to see my life's purpose from a more spiritual, other-oriented perspective versus a materialistic and selfish perspective, and that consciousness shift has given me the ability to enjoy a bounty of life’s simpler pleasures.

~ Michael W.

I owe my current excellent health and being free of pain and 55 lbs. to Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy. For over a decade my quality of life was greatly affected with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic muscle pain.  I erroneously thought this was the result of a rear-end vehicle collision. This created a large chip on my shoulder and limited my everyday functioning and social life. 


Even though I had worked for years in a chiropractic and naturopath office, I wasn’t looking at how I personally needed healing at a soul level.  All the massages and typical pain control counselling, including cortisol injections, didn’t bring about permanent change.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University and part of their mission statement is to be a whole person—spirit, mind, and body.  This was my personal vision to regain wholeness.


Through Morontian Counseling, I discovered powerful truths. One of my biggest lessons to learn was that I wasn’t responsible for my other family members’ happiness, and I could not control their choices.  I’ve learned the difference between a co-dependent relationship verses an interdependent relationship.  I can only be responsible for my own choices and how I can change to become a more loving and kind person. I’m flourishing and very grateful for the wise counsel given to me.

~ Debbie H.

I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a teen, I moved to Costa Rica to attend a bilingual, multicultural boarding school, then studied at Colby College in Maine. I graduated with a double major in Education and Human Development, and a minor in Anthropology. I worked in different schools in early childhood and elementary, and volunteered in educational programs fostering multicultural learning, sustainability, and peace studies in Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and the United States.

Then in young adulthood, I became depressed, anxious, and started to suffer physical and mental symptoms, including from being focused on fear. I lost interest in social activities and relating deeper with others. I was very focused on myself and what I was “going through” and that created most of my pain. I observed my mind spiraling down in thoughts of self, self-pity, and “the poor-me syndrome.”

I was getting sicker and sicker in my mind, and my body began to feel shaky.  I was more fatigued, my feet and back began to hurt and, as a dancer, I am very sensitive to my body, so when I began to feel my body crippling (because of fear) that was very scary. I allowed myself to live in fear and lost muscle strength and flexibility. I literally felt shorter and smaller, and on the darkest months of my mental depression, I lost a lot of weight. I was actually being small in my thinking and was losing sight of a positive vision for my future.

Before I found the Soulistic Healing Center, many healing modalities that I initially encountered did not provide lasting healing and did not consider the uniqueness and individuality of my personality. I previously sometimes had temporary relief in my body and mind, but then I experienced the pain, depression, or anxiety again when encountering situations triggering my lower emotions and fearful thoughts. And over time things worsened to debilitating levels.

But since I began to receive Morontia Counseling, I am now taking part in a deeper and genuine healing process. My first Morontia Counseling session was life changing, and I started to understand that my mental problems and physical pain up to this point had to do intrinsically with my thought life and my past and present choices. 

All the Morontian Counselors who have counseled me look at the root thinking patterns that are causing my mental diseases and provide me a clear path of how to readjust my mind and lifestyle habits to foster real healing. I began to receive counsel as to what had been blocking me from becoming actualized and through their counseling I realized a lot of my thinking was really based on self-gain.

I began to see how I judged, criticized, and fed my ego in so many deep levels of my consciousness. But through techniques I learned in Morontian Counseling, as I began to think more about how to serve others in all my relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and ultimately the world, then my consciousness began to raise and I began to see myself from a higher perspective. Also my body became stronger again.

I am eternally grateful for the Morontian Counselors at Soulistic Healing Center, as I have been blessed to continue to heal my thoughts, my body, and my soul, becoming a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled human being and have meaningful work where I can contribute to the quality of others’ lives going forward.

~ Marina A.

Growing up in a fast-paced, materialistic society in Miami, Florida, early on in life I became disillusioned with what I saw happening in the world around me. By the time I was in my early 20's, I was heading down a road of alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression. I had lost several close friends to either drinking and driving accidents, or suicide, and even murder. I was rapidly losing hope and faith in humanity and in the future. By the time I was 25 I was in emotional despair and turmoil. I had a faith in God and a belief in a spiritual foundation of reality, but what I was seeing broke my heart — violence, hunger, abuse, and way too much suffering on this earth.


For me Morontian Counseling and Tron Therapy were actually life-saving. When I found these advanced modalities (which I never knew about before), I was on the verge of hopelessness and on a path that very well could have led to homelessness — or worse, a life of quiet desperation, compromise, and a victim mentality.


Through the very personalized counseling and treatment I received, I regained a strong sense of hope and learned how to turn my sensitivity to the pain and suffering in the world into motivation to help change the world into a better place. I have also received priceless counseling from spiritual elders to help me shift out of negative thought patterns and habitual, addictive mindsets, and to find my security, strength, and a sense of cosmic citizenship in God.


I now live a healthy lifestyle, eat organic food, have meaningful work, various avenues for artistic expression, and have a sense of destiny. I am eternally grateful for these benefits I’ve gained through Soulistic Healing Center’s professional services and for the opportunity they have given me to "pay it forward" to others who need a helping hand.

~ Shannon P.

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