FlowPresso® applies revolutionary technology combining 3-in-1 complementary sensory therapies into one treatment: compression, far-infrared thermodynamic heat, and deep pressure therapy.


60 mins session (includes 40 mins FlowPresso run-time)   —  $120
50 mins session (includes 30 mins FlowPresso run-time)   —  $100
40 mins session (includes 20 mins FlowPresso run-time)   —  $80

Compression Therapy:

Compression technology has been used in medicine to treat a variety of ailments including circulatory conditions, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification.

The innovative use of bilateral, cyclical compression facilitates flow within the body with improved and sustained results.

The advanced computerized system allows for individualized modulated settings for each session to maximize optimum benefits.

Thermodynamic Therapy:

Far-infrared heat therapy promotes health improving immune-system function, detoxification, and increased sleep and relaxation.

Temperatures can be separately controlled in 4 body areas with mild 95F to deeper 150F heat - or can be "off" for certain areas by personal choice.

Deep Pressure Therapy:

Deep pressure is a form of tactile sensory input and benefits deep relaxation of the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic system. This lowers stress and cortisol reactions held within the body.

The technique of Deep Pressure is used to calm anxiety and nervousness. A light touch can be alerting or agitating, whereas deep pressure typically has a calming effect on the senses. FlowPresso applies deep pressure at very comfortable levels - similar to a good hug - to the whole body in cycles, generating a profoundly relaxing effect, allowing the body to calm and release stresses. This therapy has ability for profound preventative therapeutic health restoration.

NVT Therapy:

FlowPresso utilizes NanoVibrational Technology to enhance the combination of the 3 therapies. The small disk is a proprietary blend to facilitate vibrational frequency, stimulated by conductivity of body heat. This technology has shown to increase energy flow and circulation within the body, while encouraging repair and restoration.


40 minutes


These 3-in-1 therapies simultaneously and bilaterally facilitate:

  • the body's deep, restorative stress-release through full parasympathetic activation
  • the body's healing mechanisms under sustained relaxation, calm, and centeredness
  • increased circulation of lymphatic fluids for detoxification and maximizing health
  • far-infrared thermodynamic heat promotes the detoxifying, relaxing and healing therapies

Benefits of FlowPresso:

Clients & clinicians report the following benefits:

  • supports the body's healing state for repair, recovery, and rejuvenation
  • improves sports performance, recovery and endurance
  • improves quality of sleep
  • improves energy and overcoming fatigue
  • supports stress management
  • improves lymphatic drainage with increased detoxifying results
  • increased circulation with bilateral flow
  • promotes well-being, deep relaxation, and can reduce anxiety
  • restores sense of balance and supports natural self-healing mechanisms

How Your FlowPresso Session Flows:

  • you remain fully-clothed throughout the session wearing long sleeves and full-length pants with socks
  • practitioner wraps your feet, legs, abdomen, arms in sequence in the suit; then the system's air pressure and heat cables are connected
  • settings start on the lowest Level 1
  • the practitioner interacts with you to establish optimal settings for your body's needs
  • each FlowPresso 3-in-1 session runs for 40 minutes


FlowPresso is not recommended for the following conditions; please consult with your doctor or health provider for approval:

  • Pacemaker or any electronic medical implants
  • Acute inflammation/swelling in progress (e.g. acute strain/sprain, phlebitis and thrombosis)
  • Infections (e.g. ulcers)
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Back or hip issues, structural scoliosis
  • Broken bones current
  • Congestive Heart/Lung Failure
  • Acute/chronic bronchitis

How Often Is FlowPresso Recommended:

  • clients experience the best results with a series of regular sessions
  • the more often we can achieve the parasympathetic state for our body's healing and stress-reduction, our body benefits with opportunity to reset and repair
  • we recommend 3 sessions on Level 1 to begin with 3-7 days between sessions
  • one session per week is ideal and there is no limit to how many sessions people can have

For Sports Training & Fitness Boosting:

  • Sessions build to Level 2: Sport Mode which is ideal for training and performance
  • Level 1 can greatly accelerate athletic recovery and sports injury-prevention

Massage Pricing



60 Minutes
Deep Tissue - $110


90 Minutes
Deep Tissue - $160
Massage & Reflexology Combo - $155

+ $10

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