An International Destination

  • Arizona's only copper-ionized chlorine-and-chemical-free therapeutic hot and cold Jacuzzi tubs and pools

Stress Reducing Modalities

  • Detoxification Modalities
  • Sound Therapy

Healing Body, Mind, and Soul

  • Spiritual Morontia Counseling & Tron Therapy
  • Revelatory Healing Practices
  • Ascension Science Principles

Our Response To COVID-19



Please call (520) 398-3970.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Reservations are 2-hour time blocks.

No more than 10 guests will be booked at the same time.

The following measures are implemented for all our patrons:

  • Masks are required when entering our office and when interacting outside with Soulistic Healing Center staff and other patrons.
  • Everyone must shower prior to entering the pools. Shower facilities are available.
  • Please social distance (at least six feet apart) from other guests who are not members of your group.
  • Restrooms, sinks, and pool furniture are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • We encourage you to bring your own towels; clean towels are available for guest use.

The Soulistic Experience


Relax. Breathe. Rebalance. Re-energize.

Explore the "Art of Living" at this tranquil refuge offering stress-reducing modalities for a holistic integration of the body, mind, and spirit.

Located in the artists' colony of Tubac, Arizona on one of the town's oldest historic sites in the heart of "old Tubac," this destination health resort spa features Arizona's only copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free therapeutic hot and cold jacuzzi tubs, heated lap pool, and infrared sauna.

Gabriel of Urantia
Niánn Emerson Chase


Our services


Soak and swim in our copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free therapeutic jacuzzi tubs and heated lap pool. Enjoy the infrared sauna, or a detoxifying ionic foot cleanse—all great complements to any holistic health and wellness program.

Massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, and reiki round out our touch modalities.

Sound therapy sessions utilizing tuning forks and the Pythagorean Monochord Chair provide exceptional full-body sound vibrational massage that works on the central and autonomic nervous system, helping to re-energize the body and mind, relieve stress, and uplift the spirit.

Exclusive to the Soulistic Healing Center are Spiritual Morontia Counseling and Tron Therapy—two modalities designed to foster psychospiritual growth and soulistic healing of the body, mind, and soul. These modalities have been developed over the past 30 years by co-founder and “Soul Surgeon” Gabriel of Urantia.

"Healing first begins in the mind, and many diseases of the body first begin with inappropriate thinking."

Gabriel of Urantia, co-founder Soulistic Healing Center
co-author of Teachings On Healing, From A Spiritual Perspective

Pool Services

Soak and swim in therapeutic copper-ionized chlorine- and chemical-free waters.

Sound Therapy Services

Harmonics and vibration to attune the body, mind, and spirit to the celestial realms.

Detox Therapy Services

Infrared sauna and ionic foot soak help rebalance, restore, and revitalize.

Spiritual Morontia Counseling

A psychospiritual modality that addresses personality soul patterns.


IMG For the ultimate rest and relaxation treatments to improve your health and wellness, Soulistic Healing Center offers an incredible an atmosphere managed by experts that will ensure your time is well spent and enjoyed.
Nogales-SCC Chamber of Commerce
IMG Very clean, helpful therapist
Jennifer T.

We have cherished many splendid hours of rejuvenation and re-balancing in the copper ionized pools at the Center. The wonderful mix of four varying-temperature pools engenders healing, introspection, and rejuvenation. It is indeed a rare space for peaceful community. We have enjoyed the company of persons from all life backgrounds who also appreciate the serenity, solace, and security of the site. It is satisfying to witness individuals depart from the property in better spirits than when they arrived.

Rose and Terry Williams, Tucson
IMG Incredible atmosphere, holistic services, privacy and personal care. I am thankful to have this healing center so near by, members of my family have also benefited from these services. This is a true gem for healing, centering and reflection.
Austein G.