Experience a CBD-infused oil massage.

Massage Therapy


Our therapists are well-experienced in massage and sessions can focus on:

  • relaxation

  • therapeutic conditions and recovery

  • neuromuscular therapy

  • fascial and trigger point release

  • pre- and post-natal massage

  • infant massage

  • tension and stress management and reduction

  • athletic/sports maintenance


Experience a CBD-infused oil massage.

60 minutes   |   $85

90 minutes    |  $125

Deep Tissue

60 minutes  |   $100

90 minutes    |   $145

CBD Massage

add-on  |   $10


Discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, in the late 1800’s, as he searched to answer how miraculous healings have occurred throughout history; he realized that a vital universal energy seemed to permeate our bodies and could flow from the trained practitioners hands to the patient’s body. These energy circuits have been known in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and are a central component of acupuncture.  Dr. Usui found that the power of ones intentions to seek the highest good for a fellow human being, while attuning to these energies could indeed promote healing.  Experience the warming energies that can activate the body’s innate healing abilities by increasing circulation, releasing emotional and physical tension and drawing on the universal healing energies available to us all.

45 minutes   |   $65

60 minutes    |  $80

Lymph Therapy Massage


A full body therapy developed in Japan as an adjunctive treatment for cancer. Based on Seiti Shiatsu pressure points, this light and feathery treatment stimulates and releases toxins through the four main elimination sites mandated by Vodders System.

60 minutes  |   $95


30 minutes   |   $45

60 minutes   |   $75

Tron Therapy​

Is a touch therapy whereby a directionalized energetic beam is sent through the finger of a higher spiritualized soul. The Energetic Directional Cleansing of this touch therapy is coordinated with celestial forces and beings and is used to treat any disease of the body by removing blockages within the body to enable the Ch’i to flow. 


Tron Therapy is conducted by Soul Surgeon Gabriel of Urantia who has the gift of clairvoyance when it comes to soul analysis and diseases caused by wrong thinking or genetic inheritance of the previous generations.

An initial series of Morontian Counseling sessions is prerequisite to receiving Tron Therapy. Morontian Counseling is a healing modality that addresses specifically the soul, which in turn heals the mind (thoughts) and body. 


The number of Morontian Counseling sessions before Tron Therapy depends upon one's ability to process the information and make the changes necessary to receive Tron Therapy, or else Tron Therapy simply will not work and will just be a temporary fix.

An initial 1 hour minimum consultation ($150) can be set up with Dr. Marayeh Cunningham to learn more about Tron Therapy.

CranioSacral/Massage Combination

90 minutes   |   $160


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. It was pioneered and developed by Osteopathic Physician John E. Upledger after years of clinical testing and research at Michigan State University where he served as professor of biomechanics.

The CranioSacral system includes the brain, spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  This therapy uses gentle touch to affect the flow of the cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI) which is an integral part of the body’s physiological and mechanical structure that sends impulses to the body’s connective tissue, called fascia. 


Fascia networks throughout the entire system, from muscles to organs and is related to any injury, deeply held physical pain and discomfort.  Evidence also suggests that emotional trauma can be released during craniosacral therapy.


CranioSacral therapy can be effective for central nervous system disorders, TMJ syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines and headaches, stress, anxiety, chronic neck and back pain, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, birth trauma and many other conditions.

60 minutes is the minimum suggested for first-time treatments in order to complete a full session. 30 minute sessions may be appropriate for those who have had previous craniosacral treatments as bodies tend to respond more quickly after craniosacral treatments have begun.

Client stays clothed during treatment and should wear loose comfortable clothing.

30 minutes    |    $80

60 minutes    |  $120

90 minutes    |  $160

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